Author of the First Boggess Book Dies
    *** Joanna Fox died Monday November 4, 2013 ***
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The Boggess Name

There are approximately 120 spellings of the name Boggess. Due to the great amount of illiteracy that was prevalent in the early days, written records and written surnames were mainly left to city and county clerks, census takers, tax collectors, and ministers who often spelled the name phonetically or how it sounded to them. Sometimes the surname was spelled several different ways in the same document. Members of the same family did not always use the same spelling of the name. Some individuals changed the spelling of their name during their lifetime. Some examples are: Baugas, Baugus, Bauguess, and Boggass. Click on spellings to see the many spellings of the name.

Site Focus

This site was created so Boggess descendents would have the opportunity to learn about the Boggess Family Association and hopefully join and/or attend one of the annual reunions of the group.

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